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Building on the success of the real-life escape room genre, UFO Video™ is a unique, immersive and replayable escape game that allows teams to improve their skills across multiple visits. We are a company that specializes in retro technology and occult aesthetics. We make real-life games that are exciting, unique and well.. just strange! Our goal is to provide the community with a unique experience that not only improves one's social skills and helps with creative thinking, but also promotes team building in a family friendly and safe atmosphere. This makes it not only a perfect choice for corporate parties but also for family and friend outings, as well as any group of people just looking for a fun night out.


In a nutshell, other places tend to design very simplistic games, and then just throw exorbitant amounts of money at them in the form of bug ridden mechanical items and other fancy props that seem to always fail. The problem with this, is while it may look nice on the outside, it is essentially an empty shell, and most experienced (and in some cases, non experienced) players can easily see through the smoke and mirrors just a few minutes in. We found this to really deprecate the players over-all experience. So here at UFO Video™ we strive for a different route. We make extremely logical games that turn the players minds against themselves, making you, yourself, just another obstacle to overcome. Another important thing is we do not impose arbitrary rules that will inhibit the player from success. For example, we do not deduct time for clues and we may actually encourage you to use your cellphone to complete a game if you have to.

What we're really good at:

Making People Feel Great


Making For A Fun Night Out


Team Building Skills


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UFO'S Are Real

How it works

In UFOS ARE REAL, 2-6 players have 60 minutes to finish a complex VHS puzzle hunt in our authentic 1990's video rental store - follow clues hidden on each tape to win a unique prize.

Our UFOS ARE REAL™ game is ideal for groups of friends, family and coworkers who love the 90's and enjoy Hollywood films, film trivia or retro nostalgia. While no trivia knowledge is necessary to play, some awareness of film history is definitely helpful.

The Illuminati Box

How it works

Loosely based on the world-famous Taman Shud case (or Somerton Man), The Illuminati Box is a challenging 90 minute cryptography game for 2-6 players. Difficult but rewarding, this game’s mystery is only surpassed by its enigmatic nature.

Players must use a pen & paper to decode and interpret a series of tablets containing encoded information. We originally designed it as a portable game to be left at your house overnight, but it’s quite heavy, so we built a special room for it. Much of the fun in this game comes from player interaction with the game pieces themselves.


How it works

This mind-bending new game challenges you to defeat the alien Polybius virus and escape with your sanity intact! Incorporating tapes allegedly stolen from a secret 1980’s CIA mind control testing facility, BRAINWASHED is a unique immersive narrative experience starring you and your friends. 2-6 players. 60 mins.

BRAINWASHED is a combination of gameplay from The Illuminati Box and the environment of UFOS ARE REAL - players have only 60 minutes to learn how to decipher an alien language and save themselves from existential threat. Combining audio/visual clues with puzzle solving, this game is both similar to yet different from our other games. It was designed for players who want to try our VHS games but may not be familiar with American films of the 80’s and 90’s. No outside knowledge or film trivia is necessary to win the game.


Where you can find us!

Any questions? Call.

Address: 605 NW 53rd Ave Suite A8A, Gainesville, Florida 32609
Phone: +1 (352) 214 1149

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Previous Players and Winners

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UFO's Are Real Winners. Congrats and thanks for playing! Sept. 17th, 2017.
Illuminati Box Winners. Congrats and thanks for playing! Nov 8th, 2017.
A big thank you to the Gainesville Police Department for coming out to explore the Temple of Anubis! It was truly an honor. Jan 5th, 2017.
Congratulations to our first BrainWashed Survivors! Great job! Dec 24th, 2017.
Illuminati Box Winners. Finished with 6 minutes left on the clock!! Wow! Congrats and thanks for playing! Dec. 21st, 2017.
UFO's Are Real Winners. Congrats and thanks for playing! Nov. 26th, 2017.
Illuminati Box Winners. This great group beat the game in a record 60 minutes! Good job! Congrats and thanks for playing! Dec. 7th, 2017.
Illuminati Box Winners. This awesome group finished in just 90 minutes flat! Congrats and thanks for playing! Dec. 20th, 2017.